Construction and Property Development

Our clients rely on us to navigate all aspects of property development, from purchase of lands for development, planning processes, to construction and financing large projects. PMH members have been lead attorneys in several mass housing developments across Jamaica.  We assist with devising creative solutions for complex lending and security transactions, by working closely with the client and prospective financiers.

PMH offers advice on the gamut of legal needs for clients in the construction/development and engineering industries. We advise on project-related matters, from tendering to completion. Members of the Firm boast expertise in housing development and other infrastructure projects resulting in a unique familiarity with, and a practical understanding of, the construction industry, client needs, project requirements and constraints, thus enabling us to provide practical and timely advice to developers, contractors, consultants and construction professionals.

Our comprehensive practice includes project structuring, key liaison with regulatory and other approval agencies, preparation/review of project and contract documentation and negotiation of contracts.

Our Team: Lynda MairArthur Hamilton, Sharon Neil Smith and Safiya Kelly.

For information please contact: Lynda Mair, Arthur Hamilton, Sharon Neil Smith