Corporate Finance

PMH attorneys are frequently involved in capital markets transactions, assisting prominent companies, financial institutions or arrangers (of finance) in the raising of capital by the issuers of securities, to create, develop, grow or acquire businesses.

The firm has led numerous public offerings, including initial public offerings of securities and innovative finance structures and we routinely advise clients on all types of securities regulatory matters.

We enjoy excellent relationships with several local arrangers and securities dealers engaged in capital market transactions to obtain investment funding by equity or debt capital.

Our Team: Trevor Patterson, Lynda Mair, Arthur Hamilton, Kimberly HoSue, Damien DaCosta, Dane Patterson, Leah Singh, Natalya Kitchin, Luke Browne and Jessica Evans.

For information please contact: Trevor Patterson, Lynda Mair, Arthur Hamilton, Kimberly HoSue, Damien DaCostaDane Patterson.