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Bank of Jamaica

Jamaica’s central bank pursuant to the Bank of Jamaica Act mandated with three main functions: formulating and implementing monetary policy to maintain price stability; ensuring the maintenance of a sound and efficient financial system; and meeting the currency needs of the public.

Fair Trading Commission

The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) is the administrative body responsible for implementing the Fair Competition Act. The functions of the FTC include the carrying out, on its own initiative or at the request of the Minister or any other person, investigations in relation to the conduct of business in Jamaica in connection with matters falling within the provisions of the Fair Competition Act.

Financial Services Commission

An integrated financial services regulator with the responsibility for the supervision and regulation of the securities, the insurance industries, and the private pensions industry.

Jamaican Bar Association

78 Harbour Street,
Telephone: (876) 967-9034

Jamaica Intellectual Property Office

Administrator of intellectual property systems including the registration of Trade Marks; industrial Designs and Geographical Indicators, Copyright and related rights, administration of Patents, New Plant Varieties and Layout Design (Topographics) Act.

Maritime Authority of Jamaica — Jamaica Ship Registry

The Jamaica Ship Registry is administered by the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ), established pursuant to the Shipping Act to develop shipping and to ensure that the country’s maritime activities are conducted in accordance with the local and international standards of maritime safety and pollution prevention.

National Land Agency

The umbrella agency of the government dealing with land in Jamaica with responsibility for land titling, land valuation and estate management, surveys and mapping.

Office of Utilities Regulation

The regulatory body with the responsibility to establish and maintain transparent, consistent and objective rules for the regulation of utility service providers in the following sectors; Electricity, Telecommunications, Water Supply, Sewerage, Public Passenger Transport by road, rail and ferry. E.g. Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) and the National Water Commission (NWC).

Office of the Registrar of Companies

Administers the Companies Act, Registration of Business Names Act and the Industrial & Providence Society Act with responsibility for the creation and regulation of companies, sole proprietorship, partnerships and industrial and provident societies.


Jamaica Information Service

Jamaica Stock Exchange

Jamaica Promotions Corporation

Private Sector Organization of Jamaica